Sniper Elite: The Board Game coming to Kickstarter, preview at PAX Unplugged

Sniper Elite
Rebellion Unplugged, the board game division of Rebellion Developments has recently announced that they are working on a board game version of the famous tactical shooter video game series, Sniper Elite
Designed by David Thompson and Roger Tankersley, the game will be a competitive stealth action game for 2 to 4 players. David Thompson previously worked on Undaunted: Normandy with Duncan Molloy, who started the board game line at Osprey Games in 2015 and is now the head of Rebellion Unplugged.
The art will be done by the same team that does the video game series.
The game will be coming to Kickstarter in 2020. Meanwhile, you can get an early look to it at PAX Unplugged next weekend, December 6th-8th, in Philadelphia. Rebellion Unplugged will be at Boot 3023.
Here is an overview from the official BoardGameGeek page:
“In this hidden movement game, one player takes the role of the sniper, who is trying to make their way past the German guards by stealth or violence. Up to three other players control squads of German soldiers, striking a balance between defending their objectives and hunting the sniper.


Sniper Elite features a bag-manipulation element. The sniper draws chits from a bag to target the defenders, though canny defense can decrease the sniper’s likelihood of making their shot…”