Golazo, the football board game that got me

Football fans, the day has come, a new football board game arose in the horizon! Golazo is an action packed football board game created and published by UK designer Mark Wright that I recently discovered while scrolling through the Tabletop Games section of Kickstarter and that instantly caught my attention after watching the trailer and reading the story.
Personally, I’m not a huge football fan myself. Truth be told, the only time you’ll see me watching football is during the World Cup. However, when I saw that there’s a board game that revolves around the football theme and that it’s already been funded, I instantly thought that there must be something good about it, otherwise people wouldn’t go for it.
Turns out, Golazo does an amazing job at fitting the gameplay into the theme. Players can pass each other, dribble the defenders, take long shots, penalties and much more, just like in a real football game! After reading the rules, I was amazed by how close to a football match everything seems to be.
The game is fast paced, just like a real football match, players use dice rolls to control their team in a tactical way across the field in order to score in the opponent’s net. For beginners, there is a recommended formation to use for your team during gameplay, but if you’re a football master, you can build your own formation and use it against your opponent!
If you have a favorite football team, there’s a chance you can actually play with that team’s colors! When buying the game, there’s a pledge level that allows you to buy custom token sets for your teams from a selection of four sets.
I was greatly impressed by this board game and I would totally recommend it to everyone who is keen on football!
Also, the game is available to try on Tabletopia for free.
There are less than 30 hours left in the Kickstarter campaign, so head on and check it out before it’s too late! You don’t want to miss this!