Facility 07, a semi-cooperative game with a Battle Royale twist

Facility 07


I recently stumbled upon a semi-cooperative game called Facility 07, by Never Engine Games.
As a fan of the Betrayal series, the similarity to it is what got me interested in finding more about how it plays, so I ended up spending some time reading about it and checking the rules on their website.
Turns out, Facility 07 is a semi-cooperative game of exploration and espionage for 2-6 players with a Battle Royale twist. Now that sounds really interesting for me!
Players are spies and action heroes who infiltrate the lair of an evil genius and work together to stop him from destroying the world, building the facility out of cards, room by room.
The fact that you can sabotage the other players in order to make sure that you get out alive and successful is really interesting. This means that you can never be sure if you’ll manage to escape the facility and that you will always have to pay attention to what the others are doing, in order to make it out alive
Besides that, Facility 07 has flexible rules, meaning you can create your own game modes, if you ever come up with an idea for it! How cool is that?
Also, it looks like the game can be played for free on Tabletopia.
The game is coming to Kickstarter on September 15th. If you’re interested in it as I am, you can follow the game on Instagram or on their Website.